Wednesday, April 21, 2010

so I had to write a poem for english.. critique?

Love is... A Flower
A seed, small, but surely it is there
As routes grow underneath, it is silent, hidden
It cannot be seen until the timid stem peeps its head out of the soil
Slowly, it grows
The nervous, frail stem it once was gets stronger and boldly stands up-right for all to see
A bud forms
It leisurely develops, but one day, when you least expect it
A brilliantly-lit energetic, vibrant flower blooms
And that is when love has truly formed.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Biology homework...

...makes me want to kill myself.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

high school

isnt quite as happy as it was in the beginning. there's no drama thank god
... but there is so much stress. this shit actually counts in life so i need to get great grades.
my dad like hates me when i dont too. and my mom just says whatever he does.

i like someone though...
and when we talk/hang out well its actually great. lunch, yearbook, dance, and science is the best... and spanish isnt all that bad either. haha

i hope that soon life will be less stressful and i will be able to enjoy the little things a bit more... at least how i once did(:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


is quite hot. and humid.
but its all right with me
my cousin julia, aunt iris, and ONE-YEAR-OLD cousin bradley will be joining my sister and grandparents here in florida on saturday. tonight i will be having dinner with my BFFF
(best friends from florida)
i met them last year and seriously we were meant to be friends though we live on opposite sides of the US.
im super excited.
and then on friday i will sleepover at their house along with my sister.
im having fun here..... but im starting to get bored here.
i miss my friends so much.
and worst of all..... i think i reallllllly like a guy, and for some reason it sucks.
im glad that all the drama is behind me and im kind of looking forward to a new school.
highschool hopefully will be fun cause ive got 4 years of it coming on.
i have texting which highly excites me!!
and i am hoping to stay ing touch with good friends and loose the bad ones.
bye for now but not forever.

Friday, June 26, 2009


is fun.
i want to do it next year.. i looooove being a CIT. its just amazing.
my favorite things i have done so far are meeting estelle and tylan[:
i <3 them
beating up brandon with a water botttle... hahaha (long story, he deserved it MAJORLY)
first day of texting at camp
zoo! (moorpark) hahaha the monkeys
sean and taji<3
killing like 1,000,000,000 ants... no joke.
friendship bracelets
this summer is turning out pretty good so far and its only the 3rd week!
i cant wait for florida!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

its weird..

lately im not happy
or excited for some reason

i feel that im not the hyper little exciting person i once was.
even though summer is close and i say im excited
sometimes i feel like my emotion switch is just shut off
i dont know how it happened.
nothing HORRIBLE is happening right now.
i mean there's one thing... but i dont think thats it.
whatever. i just hope i get "better".

Monday, June 1, 2009

saying goodbye looser...[:

wow... so a lot of things have changed in the past two days.
i found out that my "best friend" who i never was really close with was talking behind my back saying that i really 'let myself go' , but atleast i have a pretty face
well shes one to talk
anyways, she never had been a great friend, 7 months later she still hasn't given me a birthday present.
she always makes catty remarks not knowing what she has done wrong
and get pissed at me for no reason. i dont need to surround myself with people as bitchy as her so i decided today that i am forever not her friend anymore.
friends dont gossip saying mean things about another and if they do then they shouldnt be treated as friends.
so goodbye looser!

i feel better knowing that im not faking a friendship any longer because i never liked her that much, i was mainly her friend only because it is rare that she is capable making new friends because of her habbits. i know its kinda mean but i only tell the truth on my blog[: